The Multicultural Academic and Support Services Office provides unique and varied opportunities aimed at keeping students informed, involved, and academically successful. Our core programs include:

First Generation

Designed to help students successfully transition into, make progress in, and ultimately graduate from college by providing specialized and targeted student support in response to student needs which will inspire intellectual, cultural and social growth among all First Generation College student.

Knight Alliance Network

Provides Foster Care alumni students with a healthy transition to become successful students here at UCF. This program will demystify the college experience, assist you with navigating through the university landscape, and help you prepare to succeed here at UCF and anywhere thereafter.


ACCESS is a six-week academic, on-campus summer program for a selected group of freshman who receive additional academic preparation before attending classes in the fall. Participants in this intensive program are evaluated solely by UCF's Undergraduate Admissions Office and participation is by invitation only.

Transfer Program

The Multicultural Transfer Program provides Multicultural Transfer Students with a healthy entry to university life, where they can take advantage of opportunities to network and learn strategies that will help alleviate the cultural stress of acclimating to a new environment.

Brother to Brother

A hands-on program intended to increase the retention and success of Multicultural and First Generation males at UCF. Participation is voluntary, but space is limited!

Sister to Sister

Sister to Sister began on the campus of UCF in fall 2018 as a grassroots effort to respond to the personal and social needs of collegiate female students. The purpose of the program is to develop a network of academic and personal support.

The program provides intentional programs with intensive academic, social, and personal support to students who desire a sisterhood. Seven core principles provide the framework for the program. The national program pillars are as follows:

Join a group of collegiate females whose focus is to help each other thrive, submit interest form here.