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Learn more about UCF’s designation as a First-gen Forward institution and member of the inaugural cohort of the First Scholars Network by the Center for First-Generation Student Success.

The term first-generation college student means

  • A student is considered first-generation if neither of the student’s parent(s) or legal guardian(s) earned a bachelor’s degree.
  • A student who lives with and received support from only one parent or guardian who did not earn a bachelor’s degree.
  • A student who was/is a homeless youth, in the foster care system, or a ward of the state.

First Generation Welcome

The Knights First-generation program is your one-stop-shop for developing a meaningful UCF experience.  The program will help you transition to university life, provide you with an academic home, demystify the college experience, assist you with navigating through the university landscape, and help you prepare to succeed at UCF and beyond.

We provide support services related to your student success, such as:

  • Guidance
  • Support
  • Counseling
  • Resources
  • Scholarships
  • Referrals
  • Workshops
  • Mentorship

Academic Support Services

  • Ask a Librarian
  • Student Academic Resource Center (Tutoring)
  • UCF Writing Center

How to get involved as a First-generation Student



Federal Trio Programs

First Generation Financial Resources

First Generation Scholarship (Coming soon)

First Generation Matching Grant Program


Campus Resources / Links

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FG Advisory Board, First-Scholars Network, and First-gen Forward Members:

  1. Dr. Maribeth Ehasz (First Scholars) 
  2. Dr. Kerry Welch (First Scholars)
  3. Dr. Edwanna Andrews (First Scholars and First-gen Forward)
  4. Dr. DeLaine Priest (First Scholars) 
  5. Dr. Rebekah Mc Cloud (First Scholars and First-gen Forward)
  6. Dr. Andrew Frazer (First Scholars)
  7. Tammie Nadeau (First Scholars and First-gen Forward)
  8. Lisa Sklar (First Scholars)
  9. Wayne Jackson (First-gen Forward)
  10. ToCarra Jordan (First-gen Forward) 
  11. Alicia Keaton
  12. Andrea Small
  13. Angelia Smith
  14. Jacob Bonne
  15. Dr. Michael Aldarondo-Jeffries

 2020 First-gen Awareness Week (November 8-13). Steering committee members as follows:

  1. Gian-Karlo Alvarez
  2. Raquel Toro
  3. Destiny Anderson (Undergraduate representation)
  4. Emily Winchester (Graduate student representation)
  5. Tammie Nadeau
  6. Wayne Jackson
  7. Dr. Edwanna Andrews
  8. VRhaniku Haynes
  9. ToCarra Jordan
  10. Dr. Rebekah Mc Cloud


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