Knight Alliance Network

If you are a current UCF student who is an alumni of the foster care system, this program is for you. MASS aims to provide you with the guidance and resources you need to thrive at the University of Central Florida and beyond. We are here for you, so take advantage of all we have to offer!

The Knight Alliance Network provides Foster Care alumni students with a healthy transition to become successful students here at UCF. This program will demystify the college experience, assist you with navigating through the university landscape, and help you prepare to succeed here at UCF and anywhere thereafter.

We offer all foster care alumni students:

  • Campus resources to improve success rate through our friendly student and professional staff
  • Coping mechanisms when adjusting to campus life to be used when faced with challenges
  • Leadership skills that will get you in the mindset of a survivor’s mentality
  • Insight about campus organizations that reflect their interests socially and professionally
  • Financial literacy and legal aid workshops
  • Creed Seminars and Roundtable Discussion Groups

We coordinate the following programs specifically for you:

  • Mentoring

    Foster Care Alumni Students who are interested in this program will have the opportunity to mentor middle school students in foster care, including invitations to and individualized attention at College Prep Day. The young students will be inspired by you making this a rewarding event to be associated with.

  • Faculty & Student ‘Adoption’ Mentoring Program

    This mentoring program is designed to help you personally connect with a faculty member of your choice. Through this program we provide you the opportunity to be ‘adopted’ by a faculty member for daily availability for advice having to do with academics, future planning, and general guidance and support.

Benefits of Becoming Involved

  • Semester Recognition

    • Best GPA
    • Most significant academic improvement
  • Annual Recognition

    • Demonstrated achievement in scholarship, community (campus engagement), and/or creativity
    • Outstanding service to UCF through leadership
    • Outstanding Academic Achievement

Interested in becoming involved? Want to learn more? Make an appointment to meet with us! Visit our Contact page for more information.